About Sanix

The green approach is what Sanix is ​​all about!

Discover our range of ecological products

As an eco-responsible corporate citizen, it is important to us to support and assist our customers with the same concerns. For this reason, our team is continually looking for ecological solutions related to our three main categories. We provide you with a wide range of ecological cleaning products, ecological food packaging and ecological industrial packaging.

Among our environmentally friendly products, we offer:
  • A complete range of Polvita probiotic products, patented and helping the health of the premises.
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, odorless, and/or phosphate-free cleaning products
  • Compostable, oxobiodegradable packaging products, and/or made 100% from recycled materials
  • A variety of biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging
  • Distributors of paper products which, in addition to representing cost reductions, preserve the environment by reducing the use of paper
We have also developed privileged partnerships with “EcoLogo”, “Green Seal”, “Ecolabel” or other certified suppliers.

Our values

Dynamic company

We are a dynamic, growing company committed to offering nothing less than excellence in customer service. Our personal values ​​are the basis of our business values.

The importance of our customers and the relationship of trust that defines us

  • Offer you more for less
  • Be available and accessible regardless of the needs and size of your business

To earn your trust, respect and loyalty, we are committed to working extremely hard, always pushing our limits and delivering excellence without compromise!

Sustainable hygiene solution

Why sustainable hygiene solution?

At Sanix, we specialize in packaging products, sanitary products as well as cleaning products that emphasize the environment, sustainable development and above all, the health of users and places.

Our ecological conscience

We attach great importance to good environmental management practices because we are aware that we all have a role to play in ensuring the preservation of our environment for future generations!

Service offered

Sales & repairs for commercial dishwashers
  • Cleaning/descaling
  • Service 7 days a week
  • Commercial dishwasher installation
  • Commercial Dishwasher Rental Program
  • Dishwasher Cost Rating
Dosing system installation
  • For dishwashers: Need a pump for liquid detergent, with or without probe?
  • For laundry rooms: Need a controlled or semi-controlled injection dispenser?
General maintenance
Evaluating a cost is an important value of our company. Using a washing station means ensuring you control your costs by having the exact cost per liter based on your use.
Waste compactor

In addition to offering one of the most cutting-edge and effective technologies from Pollet, Sanix also offers the installation and calibration of your odor treatment system for your compactor.

Organic Services

As a company concerned with the environment and applicable laws, Sanix offers technology to various industries for several forms of treatment:
  • Fat processing
  • Pipe treatment
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